Sunday Dinner Ideas

Sunday Dinner IdeasI love the idea of Sunday Dinner. The family gathered around the table enjoying a meal that was loving homemade. I know, it seems a bit Mayberry-ish, but that's kind of what I like. A throwback to simpler times. A focus on family, fellowship, and conversation.

While the 1950's idea of a Sunday dinner, I know I like to join in the time and talk with family, rather than spending the whole time in the kitchen. So while I want a hearty homemade meal, I don't want to spend all that family time in the kitchen.

So the idea of Sunday Dinner had to be modified a bit. I want the hearty meal without the slaving hours. At least not the hours when family is there; I don't mind some pre-work to make that time easier. So I created a list of Sunday Dinner ideas that don't require slaving in the kitchen instead of socializing with family.

Sunday Dinner Ideas

  • LasagnaThis can easily be made ahead of time and just popped in the oven before dinner. You can cheat and buy frozen garlic bread and bagged salad. Viola - delicious dinner with minimal time in the kitchen at dinner time.  
  • Pot RoastThis is a great crockpot meal where your whole meal can be made in the crockpot. You can throw your potatoes and carrots in the crockpot with your roast and slow cook it all day. 
  • BBQ Chicken or Ribs. This is great because it can be made in the crockpot in the winter, or out on the grill in the summer. you can make the sides ahead of time - potato or macaroni salad, fruit salad, baked beans. 
  • HamAnother crockpot favorite, this can be slow cooked all day. you can make a potato casserole and green bean casserole ahead of time and simply pop in the oven before dinner time.
  • Roast Chicken. Chicken is easy to roast in the and you can even cook your sides all in the same pan. Simply put your check in the center and add some chopped potatoes and green beans, carrots, or asparagus in the pan, as well.  
  • Tacos. Kind of a new spin on the class Sunday Dinner idea, but taco meat can easily be pre-cooked and then warmed up in the crockpot. You can shred and chop your toppings ahead of time and have a simple taco bar ready in minutes.
  • Casseroles. Most casseroles can be made ahead of time and simply popped in the oven when you’re ready. Chicken Pot Pie, Tuna Casserole, Chicken and Rice, and Shepherd’s Pie are all great options.
  • Pork Loin. This is another great year-round option that can be made in the crockpot in winter and on the grill in summer. Roasted potatoes are quick to prep and an easy steamed vegetable ensures limited kitchen time. 

On to my menu! A little bit slower this week, but we're still in the heart of little league baseball season, so a few on-the-go nights this week. Keeping things simple and quick! I’ll be linking up on I’m an Organizing Junkie if you’re looking for more meal planning ideas! I also often link up at Feeding Big. Or check out and follow my Yummy dinners board on Pinterest! Interested in meal planning? Check out my post on meal planning. Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Breakfasts (we don’t plan for each day – see here for why – but these are our choices along with a fruit)

• Cereal
• Granola bars and yogurt
• Pancakes
• Cream of Wheat or oatmeal
• Toast or English Muffins
• Breakfast sliders
• Banana smoothies
• Breakfast bites 

Lunches (see this post for Peanut Free lunch ideas!)

• Roo: Monday – School lunch; Tuesday – Lunchable; Wednesday – School lunch; Thursday – Lunchable; Friday – School lunch
• Monkey: Monday – School lunch; Tuesday – Lunchable; Wednesday – Sandwich; Thursday – Lunchable; Friday – Mac & Cheese
• Me: Monday – Work lunch; Tuesday – Sandwich; Wednesday – Leftovers; Thursday – Leftovers; Friday – Sandwich


• Monday – Sandwiches, chips, fruit
• Tuesday – Grilled chicken, mac & cheese, fresh asparagus
• Wednesday – Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
• Thursday - Hot Dogs, chips, fruit
• Friday - Pre-game healthy, hearty snack and post-game concession stand dinner
• Saturday – Easy Cheesy Pasta & Ham, fresh asparagus
• Sunday – Leaving open - family may be visiting!

What are you eating this week? Leave a comment and feel free to link back to your blog if you have your plan posted!

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