Sunday Morning Questions

Went to see “Lincoln” yesterday.  Such a poignant and important movie, the dialogue was absolutely intelligent, fired off with such expertise and wit that I found myself laughing at the smallest nuance of speech.  Unfortunately, it felt wasted on about 80% of the audience viewing it with me, as I was pretty much the only one laughing in the audience.  I know.  I’m not being very diplomatic, or accepting.  But it’s true.  As soon as I sat down, I was met with passive aggressive coughing and hacking and noise – as if the audience were saying “Hey, this is our territory – this is Lincoln, he was a conservative Republican, Bitch – who knew how to reach across the aisle to promote bipartisanship.”  Yes, and he did it well.


They became quieter the further into the movie we got, I couldn’t help myself but choke on the most important line in the movie “Next we’ll be giving WOMEN the vote!”  I choked, and laughed and died as the woman next to me glared at my behavior.  I had been refraining at hers for the first half of the movie. 


Basically, the movie is about releasing people from the bondage of slavery.  People.  Slavery.  Two key concepts THAT WE’RE STILL DEBATING!  (Indicative of audience response at the end – there was absolutely no applause.)


After seeing Lincoln and Breaking Dawn 2 in one weekend, I realized there were several correlations to each other.  The idea that those in power really do have control over how people perceive each other, that these ideas can be translated into action, and most importantly, that at any time, ideas can be changed.


At any time, people in power can change their minds – and turn it into action.


Went to church this morning.  Maybe it was divine intervention, maybe a subconscious decision – but the sermon happened to be about Homosexuality.  My son has been attending the church for many years now, and I’ve not had any argument against it.  Until today.  The Pastor, Cory, gave a very balanced speech about how the causation of Homosexuality is multi-faceted.  It’s cause cannot be categorized into Natural phenomena, any more than it can be blamed on Nurture, or how we’ve been raised in society.  There are many shades of homosexuality, but ultimately, as the Pastor described, there are three distinctions:  1. A same-sex “Attraction” –the idea that we have an attraction to members of the same sex that are caused by either Nature or Nurture, or for some other reason out of our control – but do not regularly act on it; 2. Homosexual “Orientation” the idea that we are attracted to and regularly behave as a homosexual and 3. A Gay “Identity” – the most important, that we identify as a gay person – we put our attraction and orientation out into the Universe and are seen as a Homosexual.


Cory went on to say that, even though we may not have control over “Attraction” or “Orientation” we do have control over “Identity.”


He went on to say that even though we don’t have control over the first two attributes, if we decide that we Identify with being gay – that the bible doesn’t condone such behavior, and that the Church’s recommendation would be to live in Celibacy.  Of course, anyone that is not attracted to same sex individuals, should accept Homosexuals as sinners, just like themselves, and it is not our place to judge.


It’s a systemic contradiction that I cannot condone.


Firstly, the idea that though we have no control over being attracted to same sex individuals, and though we primarily consort with same sex individuals, we still have control over our Identity.  What we show to the world.


Isn’t this what is inherently the problem with society?  That we preach conservatism, but our practices are out of alignment with what we preach?  I think I’ve made my point clear that my life has been filled with men that follow this creed.  That even though they are attracted to, and consort with members of the same sex, they would like society to identify them as straight.  Is this because they would be treated as free? 


It makes no sense.  As a society, what happens when white men take on black male attributes?  Are they revered?  Are they accepted?  No.  I would argue the same thing happens in black society when African Americans try to “act white” or more importantly, forget about who they really are, or where they came from.  We can’t. We can’t change the color of our skin, can we?


Once we change our alignment of WHO WE REALLY ARE, IT BECOMES A LIE.


What happens when we do Identify as straight – even if we’re out of alignment.  If we’ve been able to fool people – we’re able to reap the abundance of God’s gifts, yes?  Treated as equals? 


Pastor Cory recommends that if we’re unable to do this, if we cannot live a lie, then we must live as Celibate.  And it’ll be difficult, but we can have a full life, as full as any other – even folks that are not Homosexual.


Wow.  That was an eye opener.  I left as soon as I could, and of course, I have a myriad of questions.


  1. 1. Is the Church enforcing celibacy on those questioning their sexuality?
  2. 2. What about Homosexual individuals identifying as Straight, that are ruining lives of their partners – are partners simply supposed to accept marriage with a Gay sinning partner?
  3. 3. Why can’t Homosexual Identifying folks be equal in the eyes of the Lord?  You say that they shouldn’t be condemned or judged or tormented, but this is a sinning Humanity we are talking about.  Gay people are tortured every day.  As are minorities and Women.
  4. 4. How far is the Church willing to go to spread their Doctrine?
  5. 5. What if the Church has made a mistake about someone?


So many questions during this time of turmoil.  I can only urge everyone to use their conscience when making decisions to persecute an individual or group.

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