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Sunscreen: the bottles of yummy-smelling lotion that seem totally overpriced, but are a must-have to protect yourself from the sun. Most of us probably only apply it to the basic areas of our body- legs, arms, chest, stomach, etc. While lathering on sunscreen is super important, it only protects the areas you apply it to (mainly your body). The truth is that sun exposure also has effects on other areas- including your hair, lips and other small spots we all seem to forget about (like our ears and toes). Here are a few products with SPF for those areas we usually forget about.  


sunscreen hair

For your hair- UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair, believe it or not. I notice that in the summer, my hair turns a few shades lighter from time spent in the sun. While I don't mind the slightly-blonder shade, I don't enjoy the damage that the sun is doing underneath the new pretty color. I usually will wear my hair up in a bun or cover it up with a light head scarf or hat to prevent damage. This Calvin Klein ombre woven sunhat and Eugenia Kim Turban Head Wrap are great options. Another great alternative is using products that are created specifically to protect your hair from fading or getting damaged from the sun. My pick is the Ojon Color Sustain PRO Fade-Fighter Weekly Conditioning Treatment. This product is used once a week and protects your hair color for up to 40 washes. Ingredients like jasmine wax, UV sunscreen and jojoba oil come together to increase shine, give you a vibrant color and form a protective barrier from the sun. What about your scalp? The Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder has SPF 45 in a convenient brush applicator. Genius!  

sunscreen lips

For your lips- Since slathering sunscreen on your lips isn't that appealing, investing in a chapstick with a high SPF is a must. If you want a little bit of color or a glossy finish, try the  Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind Advanced Peptide Lip Treatment. This product, available at Sephora, not only features broad spectrum SPF 20, but comes in a variety of pretty shades. If you're looking for a higher SPF and something a little more organic , try CoTZ Lip Balm, which has SPF 45 and is free of sunscreen, oils, gluten and chemicals. Supergoop AcaiFusion' Lip Balmhas SPF 30 and a variety of other helpful ingredients such as acai, shea butter and vitamins E and C.  

sunscreen scalp

For little, often-missed areas- How many times have you put on SPF only to come back from the beach with burnt feet, ears or a scalp? Probably quite a few. These are a few of the often over-looked areas that most people forget to apply sunscreen to. Since lotion can be annoying and messy on these areas, the key is to find a formula and applicator that works well. The Mustela Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen Stick boasts SPF 50+ protection. The unique, deodorant like application makes it easy to apply to hard-to-get-to  areas and works wonders on babies and children, too. Similar products to try include Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Sunscreen Targeted Protection Stick or Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 60.  


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