Last night I was lucky enough to sit on a beautiful beach and watch the sun set. The person IAwas with made a comment at the time that we forget that things like this are here. They were right. I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched mother nature put on a show but last night I was glad I did. It also dawned on me that this show is on every night and all I have to do to see it is take the time. The next thing I am about to say may sound cheesy but it's true.  As I was sitting there I was reflecting on my life, especially the last year. I was pretty consumed with my thoughts when I looked to my left and down the beach I saw a severely disabled girl sitting in her wheelchair watching the same sunset. My thoughts instantly turned from me to her.  I felt very humbled. I thought that no matter how hard I ever think I have it, I am still extremely lucky.  Her parents were swimming in the ocean and I admired how much joy they were having. It's hard to write about the impact this had on me but I can say it was a sobering night. Along with this I was with someone who had an organ donation four years ago in order for him to live. Someone had given him the gift of life. And there I sat surrounded by all this love and life and it felt amazing.  On the eve of this new year I wish you calm and peace going into the next year. If you are struggling with your drinking, I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

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