A little vitamin D and fresh air really does have a way of changing people’s attitudes and outlooks.  At the end of my street, where I turn left to head to work, there is a house completely lined with tulips.  It’s the most beautiful site, all of their lovely heads poking out of the ground, held up by graceful long green stems.  It’s sad to think that they have such a short existence before they disappear again, but I’m not letting myself dwell on that now, because the sun is out!!

Motivated by the fabulous weather, I decided to take charge of a lot of things in my life- and boy do I feel great! Something happened at work, something that I won’t really go into, but it provided me the opportunity to step up… and I took it.  When I took this job, I told my future boss that I wanted a position with ownership.  I work so hard and I wanted to be responsible for the outcome of my work and ultimately held accountable for it.  Later, he told me that it was those words that ultimately sold him on me.  Fast forward to last week and there was my opportunity to take charge, to take ownership and the accountability that comes along with it.  And it felt damn good!

It also inspired me.

Saturday afternoon I went to every store in Portland until I had gathered everything that the little corner of my office needed in order for me to claim ownership.  I replaced the stale, black mesh desk accessories with beautiful, vintage inspired pieces that make my heart smile.  I bought fantastically colored file folders in gorgeous retro colors and cutesy labels to place on them.  I purchased fabulous white silk roses and arranged them in tin turquoise vase.  And the piece de restistance was the Mexican wrestler, complete with terrifying mask, that I framed in weathered white washed wood and hung on soft white ribbon.  My male co-workers were horrified, except for the Mexican wrestler which they were just puzzled by.

Claiming ownership is so huge.  It put the power back in my hands.  I am in control of something in my life, for once.   And damn it, I’m not giving it up again!

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