Superfoods - A ReIntroduction

So you think superfoods are the ploy of some evil genius marketing firm? The annoying acai berry weight loss pill that pops up all over your MSN Messenger and all over your browser page was the last straw wasn’t it? How could some ‘natural product be so obnoxious and so much like every other weightloss product out there? It promises so many things, but though we’ll get 2 bottles for the price of one, we’ll get no results for the price of $29.99 (plus S&H), after our hope skyrockets, and comes crashing to the ground after the pill-taking has begotten no results besides a smaller balance in our account and a loss of confidence in our ability to better ourselves. Instead, we feel lost, used and hopeless, so why not head over to Coldstone since nothing makes a difference anyway?

Stop right there homie.


Do you want to understand where the concept of a superfood comes from, for real? Before the image was abducted, raped, and left for dead on the side of a road for people to notice out of the corner of their eye as they pass right on by?


Now, a superfood is both a food and a medicine. It has more than a dozen unique health-promoting properties. They are the most nutrient-rich foods on Earth, are usually very tasty, and satisfy hunger because insatiable hunger can be the body’s way of asking for more nutrients.

Superfoods are alkaline, protein rich, vitamin and mineral rich, cleansing, immune boosting, nourishing, and correct imbalances when used long term.

They have the ability to make it much easier to feel satisfied with less food, to achieve your ideal weight (no, this is not a scam – you just don’t get that urge to eat a small mammal or a stack of pancakes when your body is well-nourished and vibrant), and really helps you become more in tune with nature. No, not the stuff that grows in between your driveway tiles, and not the wrath that kills millions in floods, earthquakes, freak accidents or bear attacks in the woods. Ya know – nature. The life force in animals, plants, just-sprouted seedlings, dancing their way through plant childhood, baby seals staring you down with that unbearable cuteness that has the beefiest of beefcakes giggling like schoolgirls.

Now, beefcake, don’t worry – I’m not trying to turn you into a ritualistic hippie that chants to wolves for protection and eagles for strength. No, not at all. I’m merely introducing you to a better quality and appreciation of life, and it happens so much greater when you take notice of things that are apparent without the intervention of human…genius. No scientist can recreate a plant, but they can harvest, pulverize, weaken, genetically modify, strerlize, process, cook, strip, burn, dry and destroy them. So violent are we!

How does all this tie into superfoods? Well, we are surrounded by such nutrient-vacant, processed, and farmed as opposed to righteously surrounding ourselves with the wild foods that our bodies will most definately respond amazingly to - the superfoods we have the ability to provide it with.



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