A Superhero Kegger: The Battle to Be The Life of the Party

Like many mothers of small boys, I am often asked to play superheroes. My son Michael has loved to engage me in this activity for a while now, ever since receiving a Batcave a few Christmases ago. As a five-year-old, he has now come to act out the traditional superhero versus villain role plays, but when we first started our imaginary scenarios in the Batcave, he always simply wanted to “have a party.” All the superheroes were invited, including the multiple versions of Batman he owned, which he logically named Dad Batman, Mom Batman, Sister Batman, Brother Batman, and Other Brother Batman. The parties sometimes included the villains, and usually also sent out invites to various other toys, such as Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, and so on. And do you know what everyone typically did at these well-attended Batcave parties? Ate spaghetti and danced. That.was.it.

It was incredibly boring.

During those Batcave party days, I often wondered what a real superhero party would look like. I could only assume that, considering how hard these folks worked saving the universe and all, they would party at least equally as hard. And their shenanigans would likely not involve eating spaghetti. Naturally, my mind also wondered which superheroes (and villains) I would want on my invite list: the DC Comic Gang or the Marvel Clan?

Let's see how this plays out. Shall we?

green lantern spiderman ironman


wolverine spiderman sleeing beauty

iron man, leader, american girl dollriddler, doctor doom superheroes, rapunzel, snow white

superman, belle, spiderman, captain america, ironman

batman, joker, superman

incredible hulk, superman, spiderman, robin

hulk batman ninja turtle superman wolverine

spiderman robin hulk ironman batman

batman superman superheroes spiderman hulk ironman wolverine

So if I ever throw a bash and desire the presence of some protectors of our universe, my evites will be going to the DC gang. Because basically, if my son is already prepping for college via our Batcave Parties, I hope he ends up being the guy like Batman at the kegger, and not the one like Wolverine. Because that dude is kind of a jackleg.

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