Superhero Moments

    Sometimes, I feel like a Superhero.  Sadly, those things which cause me to feel like Wonder Woman or Bat Girl are often quite ordinary, normal things,  but when done in conjunction with each other or with seemingly superhuman speed, I can't help but congratulate myself for my amazing ability.
    I should qualify something first:  I've never been one to really like those essays or articles that expound about how much a stay-at-home mom does in a day, and then the author wraps it all up at the end with some lovely quote, like, "but I wouldn't trade it for the world."  Not to say that I don't feel that way; I do, certainly.  However, when I accomplish a LOT in one day, I feel like Superwoman.  And then I have to wonder:  what is the normal amount accomplished by the average woman in a given day?  It may be that I am feeling like a Superhero for accomplishing what a "normal" woman gets done in an average day.  (Isn't that a sad thought?)  Then again, if someone achieves greatness every single day and never gets to feel SUPER-greatness, isn't that also sad? 
    Let me tell you what I mean.
    A normal day.  The kids go to school, I might run errands, I might write, I switch the laundry, I figure out what's for dinner, I make our bed and briefly straighten the kids' rooms so I can stand to look at them (the rooms, not the kids), I empty the dishwasher, and the kids come home.  After school activities, dinner, bed.  In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that after everyone is in bed, I also browse through my TiVo list, watch a few things, and answer some email.  I usually stay up too late.  We have a clean house and a nice life.  It is completely normal, and I know this from having conducted a focus group, which consisted of talking to my girlfriends on the phone, who told me that they do pretty much the same thing.
    But on a Superhero Day, I clean all the bedrooms (and myself) and make our bed before I even go downstairs.  I nicely ask (demand) that the kids make theirs.  I do my errands and the grocery shopping, and the dinner is planned and prepped by early afternoon.  And then, something extraordinary might happen, like the day I rearranged all of the furniture in the basement, which included dragging a treadmill from one corner to another and moving a train table to a less conspicuous place.  (Moved the train table ALSO by dragging it, which is the only way to move furniture by one's self.)   A few extra loads of laundry or dishes, helping with challenging homework, arranging lots of appointments, handling the bills, sweeping the porch, or cleaning out the van.  While all of these fall under my normal "job description" (minus rearranging the furniture), on a day when they all happen in tandem?  Superhero Day, for sure!  Throw in a sick child, a doctor's appointment, a school play, a dead fish, a forgotten violin, a traveling husband, and two children with activities on the same night. . .  SUPERHERO II: STOP THE MADNESS!    
    I know that there are women, people, who are living real and true Superhero Moments everyday.  Facing real challenges, having to wear a real cape of bravery and strength and courage.  That's why I stand in utter disbelief of myself sometimes . . .  why should I feel so accomplished by having gotten through any given day, however long and busy?
    But maybe it's okay to flex my Superhero Muscle and say,  "I'm strong.  This was a tougher day then usual.  I can clean up a dead fish, make dinner, move a couch, and help my daughter with her math.  It might not be the toughest challenge in the world, but today, that was what God gave me.  And in the end,  I will be the stronger for it."  And at the end of the day, I will lie down and rest, because I never know what cape I will have to wear tomorrow.

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