Supermom is a Myth

It is time for us mothers to be honest.  It is time for us to be more forgiving of ourselves and each other.  We all agree that the very best and most precious thing in our lives is our children, but let’s face it, there are times when things don’t feel as rosy, and it helps to know that you are not alone. I think there are some moms out there that are not being honest so that they can perpetuate the myth of their Supermom-ness.  Let’s end that right now and be bold and honest and have some fun with this!  Here’s my list of things I may have been embarrassed to think or say, but SOMEBODY out there must have felt the same way at some point:

1.  I’d like to go to work now.
2.  My child is a maniac.
3.  How terrible would it be if I had a glass of wine with these chicken nuggets and tator tots?
4.  Let’s take the child to daycare, take a day off work, and lay around the house all day.
5.  How much time do I have left before nap time/bed time?
6.  Can’t I just go upstairs for awhile, and my husband can tell Parker I went to the store?
7.  I need to have at least one more glass of wine to feel comfortable with my body in anticipation of “intimate relations.”
8.  Are we getting close to when Parker can make his own breakfast in the morning and watch cartoons without us?
9.  This child has taken YEARS off my life!
10.  Oh, man!  We don’t have any more batteries for that toy! (blatant lie)
Of course, these are moments, bad-mommy-moments (there I go judging myself again!).  I do not feel this way the majority of the time.  But I know you mommies are out there that feel or think these things sometimes too.  It’s much more fun to laugh together about it then try to pretend you don’t have some of your own “bad-mommy-moments.”  So go ahead and spill it!  What do you think or feel sometimes that you keep inside because you’re afraid to be judged?  This is a JUDGMENT-FREE ZONE!



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