A Supernatural Sausage Fest Starring Dean Winchester (Douche Extraordinaire)

Supernatural is a show with a primarily female fanbase, probably because, well, Dean Winchester is hot as hell.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to watch that beautiful man drive his 1967 Chevy Impala around all day? Drool away, lady nerds!

Early on, when I first began watching Supernatural, I did a fair share of drooling myself, but a few seasons in, Dean Winchester's nerd hating misogyny became too much for me. So, while I respect your right to drool, I think it is important for the  show's fandom to understand that Dean is no hero, and that his treatment of women, and of his brother Sam warrant critical examination. In addition, by idealizing Dean, and supporting a show that condones his misogynistic actions, we as female nerds demean ourselves. And in a penis-dominated nerd world, women really shouldn't be happily buying into notions of male dominance. To do so is goddamn ridiculous!


The most obvious evidence of Dean's douche status is his general treatment of women throughout the series. Dean loves sex, and he loves attractive women. Lucky for Dean, every woman in the Supernatural-verse is magically gorgeous. The significance of this is not the number of women that Dean has casual sex with. I'm not going to condemn that. What I take issue with is that his sexual relationships with women tend to be emotionally abusive. Essentially, he takes advantage of women when they are in a state of vulnerability, knowing that as their savior, he holds a great deal of power over their emotions. Unlike Sam who generally understands the necessity of forgoing sexual relationships while on the job, Dean enjoys using women, and then running on to the next town.

I mean, why can't Sam get through his fancy little brain that Dean is a perfectly chiseled hero who needs regularly scheduled penis time in order to maintain his broly existence?

Probably because Sam is smart, empathetic, and respectful. Whoa. Crazy.

And here we hit at the heart of the issue. Dean's treatment of Sam is what makes him a true misogynist. I know, I know. Sam is definitely a dude, but hear me out!

Dean is always upset with Sam about something. It's just the nature of their brotherly, man-fest existence. What is noteworthy about Dean's disapproval of Sam's behavior is that it centers around Sam's supposed femininity. Sam eats vegetables, he reads books, he's interested in other cultures, he sees the world in shades of grey. And for Dean, this is all just nerdy, girly bullshit that needs to be stopped.

In believing in the need to end Sam's femininity, Dean does a disservice to both men and women. According to Dean, feminine attributes are to be avoided (especially when that might lead someone to discuss their feelings). Further, if Dean's definition of femininity is to be believed, only women are capable of being healthy, sensitive, intelligent, and critical thinkers. Dean shoots things and thinks with his penis, because apparently that's what men are supposed to do. And when someone like Sam defies this gender stereotype, all goes to hell.

Speaking of hell, this brings us to one of the central conflicts of the show. Sam is demonic, or at least in the sense that his body is pumping with demon blood. Now, despite the fact that he has saved Dean numerous times by using the power that the demon blood has given him, Dean is simply not a fan of Sam tapping into this power. In fact, Dean has even gone as far as to blame Sam for the way that he is.

Consider, Sam is a victim, who as a child was forcibly made to ingest demon blood. In this sense, Dean is blaming Sam for something he cannot control, something he could not have stopped. Dean is blaming the victim.

To make matters worse, when Sam attempts to acknowledge this darkness, empower himself, and use his troubled past for good, Dean condemns and shuns his brother.

So basically, Dean's life philosophy can be summed as follows:

Thinking bad. Empowerment bad. Books and nerds extra bad.

Meat, sex, and guns GOOOD!

And where does that leave us? With a show that glorifies a character with no regard for the very people who love him: thoughtful, caring nerds.

One can only hope that the series ends with Sam triumphant, because if there is one thing the show's fans deserve, it's a hero who is willing to stand up for nerds, and beat back blind ignorance with empathy and a few good books.

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