Superstitions and HeartBreak

As I finished "The Road to Damascus" the 18th episode of Carnivale on digital cable. It was with suspicion I sensed season 2 was coming to an end. Carnivale had become my first love this past month. I couldn't bare to part with the sinister plot line.  I couldn't contain myself! I wanted to google and see how many episodes I had until the season finale.

This is when my heartbreak began...I discovered that Carnivale was not a new HBO series! It ended in 2005! I wondered where have I been living? Under a Rock? Have I completely lost touch with pop culture? Is this what happens when you become a 24hr.chaffeur and soccer mom?

My heart sank! I have invested so much time into watching Season 1 and now as Season 2 coming to an end. I realize It will be the final end! I felt a heavy thud in my heart! I had been robbed of my new love! It was short, wonderful, and sweet. But I wanted more from this relationship!

Now, I wonder what will I watch? What will escape with at night?  I have been spoiled with its mysterious plot line of good vs. evil, the eerie cinematography, and the twisted character development.

I lamented to Mr. MBA upon my discovery!

"Can you believe it! It's over in 2005. I thought this was a new series?"

Mr. MBA rolled his eyes "So your saying it's over! There is only a couple of episodes left to go."


He let out a sigh of relief, "Thank God! I hated that show!"

"What do you mean you hated it?"

"It's just creepy and your superstitious enough as it is! I didn't need adding more fuel to the fire."

"I'm not superstitious!"

"Yes! You are! What about all of that dream nonsense!  I'm not allowed to tell you any of my dreams until after breakfast because it could come true."

"It could! You know what happens when I dream about Great Aunt Birdie! Nothing good ever comes of it."

"See! You are superstitious! Plus, you talk in your sleep  every time you watch the show. It's almost as bad as the time you were reading Alias Grace."

"It was an eerie book! You would have weird dreams too!"

"My point exactly that's why I don't read or watch any of  it."

" It? What do you mean it?"

"All that Artsy stuff."

"Artsy stuff?"

"You know what I mean..."

It is with that I wandered downstairs with my bowl of popcorn and root beer float. I was ready to drown in my sorrows and  watch the next episode, sad with the knowledge, that my time with Carnivale was coming to a bitter-sweet end.

What TV show broke your heart with its sudden disappearance? Did it leave you feeling like its dirty mistress?


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