Supporting Our Troops at Home

In the grocery store the other day I noticed a bin with a sign that read, "Support Our Troops." In the bottom of the cavernous bin were a few cans of non-perishable food. In my heart, I thanked the goodness of people who are trying to do something to help our soldiers. As I thought about that bin and the few cans it held, I realized that while many people want to do something, they have no idea what our soldiers need and what would be most useful. Being the daughter, wife and mother of veterans from the current and past wars, I'd like to offer a few suggestions:

1. If you know someone who is deployed: mow their lawn, rake their leaves, or shovel their snow. It's difficult to maintain a home from overseas.

2. Send a subscription to your local newspaper or regional magazine. The taste of home will be much better than a case of canned spaghetti.

For more ways to help soldiers and their families, read my article at :

And thank you for caring about our soldiers.


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