Supreme Court Can Set Back A Breast Cancer Cure for 10 years Says Rose Conrad Gennxeix Biotech Global CEO

Robert Graham Reporting From Baylor College Of Medicine Houston, Texas June 21,2012 PressWire Hybrid Medical Media:

Supreme Court can set back A Breast Cancer Cure for 10 years Says Rose Conrad Gennxeix Biotech Global CEO.

President Obama’s health-care law is key for the advancement of a breast cancer cure. The Science is here to cure breast cancer. Genomics is leading the way. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide. Targeted therapies for treating breast cancer have helped to reduce the death rate, according to results from Gennxeix Biotech clinical studies. Approximately 30% of malignant breast cancers demonstrate overamplification of the human epidermal receptor type 2 (HER2) gene. HER-2 can be resistant to low-doses of anthracycline-based chemotherapy. The Good News is that science has advanced. Sections of microarray provide targets for parallel in situ detection of DNA, RNA and protein targets in each specimen on the array. The better News is that Genomics is on the Clock. Docket No. 11-725 is the Supreme Court case that concerns the patents held on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which are both closely associated with the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. The genes were isolated by Myriad Genetics and the University of Utah, and Myriad manufactures the only test currently available to identify the two genes is why President Obama Health Care must stay as it is says Rose Conrad Gennxeix Biotech Global CEO Genomics provide a faster cheaper more effective way to detect the Her2 gene by using Semiconductor Sequencing. A example of this technique is Gennxeix Biotech Semiconductor Sequencing. "Quantum Theory" In Action for Breast Cancer Patients. A polymerase is an enzyme whose central function is associated with polymers of nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA. The primary function of a polymerase is the polymerization of new DNA or RNA against an existing DNA or RNA template in the processes of replication and transcription. In association with a Hybrid Pharma Panoincell qX also uses a Visualize Real-Time Breast Cancer Data using Signal Stochastic Resonance Units Neurons Detection and Analysis for Breast Cancer model after McCulloch-Pitts. Panoincell qX computer-assisted diagnosing of breast cancer from mammograms. How Panoincell qX works is a genetic network simulation trained with tumor incidence data from knockout experiments. Gennxeix Biotech Panoincell uses Semiconductor Sequencing Chips that create a direct connection between Biochemical and digital information, bringing these two languages together. Hybrid's chips are designed like any other semiconductor chips. Pairing proprietary semiconductor technology with sequencing chemistry a nucleotide is incorporated into a strand of DNA by a polymerase, a hydrogen ion is released. Gennxeix Biotech used a high-density array of micro-machined wells for bioctechnology process in a massive way. Each well holds a different DNA template. Beneath the wells is an ion-sensitive layer and beneath that a proprietary Ion sensor. HER2 in many patients respond differently. Genomics can be the GPS to Extend life in Breast Cancer Patients.


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