Sure fire Ways to Improve your Canvas Printing Skills

Today, everyone has a chance to test their skills in the art of photography, thanks to the digital world of photography. One of the best ways to display a perfect photo is to print them on canvas. However, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to create the best shots that are attractive enough to be designed and framed.

Here are the guidelines you may try.

1)      On the quality front

For any digital photography, one thing that speaks volumes about the quality is ‘resolution’. Resolution is directly proportional to the size of the photograph. The better the resolution, the more you could enlarge the photograph.

There are tons of resources available online that can help you with the ins and outs of improving resolution. But with regards to printing photos on canvas, you might have to remember just one thing and that is to shoot photos with a 5 or more mega-pixel camera featuring fine or clear settings.       

2)      When the subject of your photograph matters

This is one of the most ignored factors in the world of digital photography. Honestly, it is as important as any other element. Cool photos such as the ones communicating relaxation or fun, animals shown in inquisitive or whimsical manner and focusing elements like a dramatic tree or ramshackle barn are some examples of great subjects for your photograph.

3)      The light factor

 Lighting while shooting plays a key role when it comes to canvas photo printing. However, canvas has a unique ability to enhance and diffuse light as and when required. Any photograph with glowing fog or steaming sunlight will make an amazing conversion into canvas. On the other hand, a snap of a team member who is lost in the shadow, may not make a great appearance.  

4)      Angles that work best for canvas photography

The composition factor is the literal geography of your photograph. If you have observed professional photographers, they rarely place the object’s dead center in the photograph. A better idea would be to use oblique approaches, angles and portals to offer more interest to your subject or make them more attractive. You can determine on which ways the photograph look best by walking around different angles and examining it, keeping the viewers in mind.

5)      Before Framing

All photographs usually have an implied frame just on the outer edge. Often, it is great to experiment with the frame by shooting pictures that flirts on the edge. One thing you need to keep in mind, as you are printing your photos on canvas is 1 to 1.5 inches around the edge are always wrapped on the edges of the frame. Knowing this, you need to ensure that you don’t crop off important elements of the image like the head of a person or the skies that add more value to your picture.

Canvas printing is surely one of the best ways to show off your photographic ability. Sure, there are number of photograph lovers around the world. But only few of them make it really big in the digital world. The above guidelines are the basics to be one among the greatest photographers of the world.


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