Sure. Sure it was an accidental shooting.

I’ve blogged about my suspicions of Oscar Pistorius before, and evidence introduced in his trial has not changed my mind. To refresh your memory further,  “Pistorius is currently on trial for killing Steenkamp on February 14th, 2013. He claims that he shot her four times through a locked bathroom door because he thought she was an intruder (the sort of intruder who locks himself in a bathroom and also the kind of intruder who speaks and yells in the voice of Reeva Steenkamp, apparently).”

I am convinced he knew it was his girlfriend he was shooting through the bathroom door.

I am also convinced their relationship was emotionally abusive if not physically abusive. Check out a text she sent him:

steencamp text

That’s some Twilight Level control of a woman right there, via manipulative emotional abuse. Someone who “suspects” her of cheating because she talks to people, and throws such shit fits that she has to leave events early, someone who dictates her actions all the way down to whether or not she is allowed to chew gum … all that is emotional abuse.

The only thing I wonder about is if he murdered her because he “knew” she was cheating on him or if he murdered her in a rage because she told him she was leaving him.

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