Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Well, I’m back at home. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is meant to be filled with fun and laughter even if the laughter doesn’t come until a few days later. (ie crawling on the floor, hiding out in a bedroom)

A nice quite day at home was on my mind, right, not with those sisters of mine.  After getting over fifty voicemail messages, I dressed and headed their way. I gave them a call and told them I was going to Marigold’s house and if they wanted to talk to me, met me there.  I stepped inside sister Marigold’s home to find them all seated around the kitchen table eating apple pie and ice cream.

“Where have you been?”

“When did you go?”

“Who was with you?” (Upset right)

“What did you bring me back?” (My niece who is 36 years old walked in)

After telling them only what they needed to know and nothing more, they finally let the cat out the bag about a house party we were doing.  Marigold was going to do the presentation but since I’m back…

“How did you get that bit mark on your knee?”

The party was late in the evening and I had time to go back home to a bottle of wine, a bag of chips and the remote control. I feel asleep not to long after drinking half the bottle, eating the entire bag and watching the most boring show about housewives who wanted to be rich. I had on a very long peach dress with a split up the side to my hip which goes great with the shoes.  The evening was warm enough for me to slide on the shoes you see at the top.  Great yeah!

I was surprise when we pulled up at a very large house with cars parked on the street bumper to bumper. Cars were driving up and down the street still looking for a spot.

“We will never find a parking place.” I said looking out at the sea of cars whose names were so foreign to me by the time I figured out the first symbol I was looking at another car.

“Don’t worry?” Daisy said pointing up toward a man in the middle of the street.  “Andre!” she cried out. “Where do we park?”

“On the grass!” he yelled back as he continued to direct cars to the side street.

We parked and dragged our equipment to the door. I was happy to see Darkness, which is what her father called her, come out of the house.

“Ya’ll come in.” she threw open the door to give us more room to enter. I had not been to her new house since she moved in three weeks ago, but the sisters have. The house had vaulted ceilings with chandeliers, a man chained to the wall in spandex and a woman walking around naked with spike nails going through her back.  That was not what had me in shock. It was him, my man of fifteen years walking around with a woman who was at least twenty three.

“Darkness!” I cried out. 

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