Surprise yourself!

Surprise yourself!



Photo I took in Wales


The human heart is a strange thing. It can be broken and battered, ripped out and crushed and still love again. You can convince yourself that you’ll never love anyone again and never fall into that trap, that you’ll be wise etc etc. Then you fall. Its a beautiful fall and everything that you just convinced yourself is thrown out the window. You’re still broken, still bruised but the thrill of a new romance quickens your heart again and awakens you.

I have spent the last 8 months single. I have learnt such an incredible amount about myself. I have gone from crying every single day, bitter and twisted and hopeless to a strong, confident person. I exuberate confidence. I am so happy within myself (most of the time). I applied for a masters there a few weeks ago. It was in a subject that really thrilled me, that excited me and my application was accepted nearly straight away. I was delighted, I have direction now in my life. Finally things are starting to look up.

Dating is something that everyone needs to endure. I have gone on some doozies over the last few months. I have made stupid mistakes again with people I should of kicked to the kerb. However it was all about gaining confidence and realising your worth. I won’t repeat that again. 

I met someone well more re-met someone that I have always known but the timing was always off. We really hit it off. I don’t want to go into anymore detail as I’m afraid I’ll jinx it. But it feels so right so we’ll see what happens! Eek! I feel like a teenager all over again!

I have completely surprised myself and my family and friends over the last few months. So keep going, ride the storm, learn some shit and you’ll get there, you will surprise yourself, you will be happy.

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