Surprised by My Infant’s Love

When I ran into this quote I was surprised, surprised that it was an OLD, English proverb and surprised because I thought that I had invented this phrase.

Old English Proverb

“The soul is healed by being with children.”


When I started my mothering career, I braced myself for a life of drudgery, hard work and self-sacrifice. Now mothering is hard, it really does include all those descriptions but I was surprised by joy, surprised by how much life my newborn poured into my heart. Not just affection, but deep love that touched my core self, that healed my core self.

A baby has the ability to see past surface appearances and with guileless eyes look right into our spirits, if we allow that connection to take place. I did not force interaction. In fact I had no idea that such a deep relationship existed. I was truly surprised., surprised and healed by their love.

our children 

The Joy of Mothering

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