Surprising changes I’ve noticed as I raise my energy vibration

I wrote a piece recently about raising your ‘energy vibration’. As I personally get further down the track of doing this myself I have noticed three changes that have taken place very naturally – but they still managed to surprise me.

1. I have lost the desire to watch my previously favourite TV shows so I’ve ‘quit’ them. I feel so much freedom in not ‘needing’ to see them, not caring about when they are on and what is happening on them. A life that doesn’t revolve around 'The TV guide' is much more fun! I have heaps more time to read and get other stuff that is important to me done. It wasn’t at all difficult to quit them – I really and very naturally wanted to. I keep saying excitedly “I’ve QUIT Grey’s Anatomy/Desperate Housewives/Coronation Street.” It makes lots of sense that this happened as the majority of stuff on TV has very low vibrational energy – murders, crimes, seedy sexual affairs or just plain old pettiness. So when trying to lift your energy it is logical that you let go of the stuff that is keeping you hovering at lower levels. I just didn’t realise it would happen so naturally - that things I used to love, became something I no longer needed or wanted.

2. I am feeling differently towards my church. At first I couldn’t figure out why - as I’d previously been very happy within it. I slowly realised that this too would be to do with lifting my energy. I don’t like hearing the negative stuff (being constantly told off) about what shouldn’t be happening in our lives and the world - what we shouldn’t be doing. I want to hear positive stuff like what we can do and how we can change the world positively. God is about love and freedom – not fear and rules. I don’t know what action I’ll take about these new feelings yet, as my church going is very much a part of my life. But I am finding things like meditation and books on spirituality more engaging.

3. I feel less connected to people that choose to have low energy vibrations. I feel a stronger freedom to choose which people in my life are worth my time and effort. I am noticing other people’s energy a lot more, and I am less likely to expose myself to people who are negative, petty or immature. It’s as if suddenly I see some relationships from a fresh new perspective. Again, I had no idea why my feelings about certain relationships were changing until I connected all of these things and realised it was because of my changing energy.

I think that the way these changes come about is incredibly clever and surprising. As I keep reaching higher and higher energy I am interested to see what else changes. I am hoping that I will start to gain deeper understanding and insight of people. I hope my personal skills will drastically increase so I can be better equipped to write about self growth on this blog.

Have you got any experiences about raising your energy vibration you’d like to share?


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