Surprising Grace

This is my body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me....This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in My Blood."  Luke 22:19, 20

Jesus shared the Passover supper with His disciples, just as many are sharing and celebrating it today. But it was a Passover like no other. He illuminated the disciples and all future generations to the deeper meaning behind that significant feast. He was, is, the Lamb, whose blood was painted on the doorpost of our hearts, and He is the Bread of Life;  He satisifes, completes, finishes, and perfects all God's requirements and man's needs.

As Oswald Chambers shares in My Utmost for His Highest,

 "every human being can get through into the presence of God now because of what the Son of Man went through." 

Spurgeon also calls us to marvel in Jesus' unspeakable gift, and realize that

 "all the unknown joys He gives were bought with agonies unknown!" 

Today, I mix old with new, sharing first a 18th century hymn, then a personal favourite by Michael Card, both proclaiming the wonder and surprising grace of the Lord's call to "Come and Dine," and share in His final Passover.

Surprising Grace
by Samuel Stennett, 1787

Lord, at Thy table I behold
The wonders of Thy grace:
But most of all admire that I
Should find a welcome place;

I that am all defiled with sin
A reel to my God;
I that have crucified His Son,
And trampled on His blood.

What strange surprising grace is this
That such a soul has room!
My Saviour takes me by the hand,
My Jesus bids me come.

Had I ten thousand hearts, dear Lord,
I'd give them all to Thee;
Had I ten thousand tongues, they all
Should join the harmony.


Come To The Table
by Michael Card

Come to the table and savor the sight
The wine and the bread that was broken
And all have been welcomed to come if they might
Accept as their own these two tokens
The bread is His body, the wine is the blood
And the One who provides them is true
He freely offers, we freely receive
To accept and believe Him is all we must do

Come to the table and taste of the Glory
And savor the sorrow, He's dying tomorrow
The hand that is breaking the bread
Soon will be broken
And here at the table sit those who have loved you
One is a traitor and one will deny
And He's lived His life for them all
And for all be crucified

Come to the table He's prepared for you
The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release
Come to the table and sit down beside Him
The Savior wants you to join in the feast.

Come to the table and see in His eyes
The love that the Father has spoken
And know you are welcome, whatever your crime
For every commandment you've broken
For He's come to love you and not to condemn
And He offers a pardon of peace
If you'll come to the table, you'll feel in your heart
The greatest forgiveness, the greatest release!

Come to the table He's prepared for you
The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release
Come to the table and sit down beside Him
The Savior wants you to join in the feast!

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