Survival Livingston Style

Tracy Livingston Anniversaries come and go all celebrated with fanfare and looking ahead to the future. This month while my family celebrates two milestones I do not look ahead more than 24 hours at a time. I have learned that life is too precious to look at an entire year and plan life as I see it on the excitement of an anniversary. Both anniversaries deal with precious gain from a possible loss of lives. My husband to this day 18 months ago sat in the Mayo Clinic and handed over a true fortune to have only the best bariatric surgeons commence with a decision that today saved his life, but in no means was this easy that day or even to this day. No, insurance as our healthcare denied a life well-lived and well-saved. But the money and sacrifice is not the story just a side note, as the passion for life and the changes which ensued would only be possible with such drastic measures. Still, while there are bumps along the way my husband is a success not only in health but in life, due to this procedure which I feel if was not available per our pocketbooks and sacrifice this Christmas I might be alone. Instead, I have the pleasure of reeling in my spending and finding the true meaning of Christmas. Kyle, is another story. He is 18 months sober this month. I value each day, especially as I began to hear his story and his fairy tale life to the outside world became one unknown to all. A secret life that was not wanted but hard to escape. Through countless hours of work and desire on his part he too survived and has not left me without my only child. While my worst case scenario was Christmas alone...that did not happen, instead I can look at the miracle life and my life and move forward everyday with new hope and renewed spirit as both my men battle their demons of recovery on different paths but yet leading to their dreams.

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