Survivor: Episode 13

With time running short, this was one of the more boring episodes (for me). I think I was still feeling the aftershock from last week and I just didn't care much about any of the players this week.

Then again, I was annoyed that Sash won immunity and is STILL in this game. I dislike him almost as much as I disliked Brenda. OK more than I disliked Brenda, now that I think about it.

Also, Dan. I'm tired of seeing him there doing nothing. I get that you want to take the dead wood with you to the end but I'm done with him, too.

I really need Sash to go home and I really need the final three to be Judd, Jane, Holly.

Oh... and did any of y'all boo and hiss when NaOnka and (Purple) Kelly wandered into Tribal? We did.

Who do you want to go home next? Who do you want in the final three? And what do you think that remark about "be executed" really meant? Can we execute NaOnka? Kidding. Just kidding. Obviously

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