Survivor: Episode 14

I bet some of y'all heard me cursing last night didn't you? Or maybe you were cursing along with me? Because while I did not want Judd to go home and I was glad he won immunity, I really really did not want Jane to go home.

Why oh why didn't they split the darn vote, cause a tie, and see what happens? Did Judd and Dan really think they have a chance to win immunity or get taken along for the ride when the other contestants have already said they're next to go? And even if Dan and Judd had changed their vote, why was Jane dumb enough to not vote Holly JUST IN CASE she'd convinced the dumb guys to change their votes?

Something must have gone on that we did not see - something that prevented the three on the outs from changing their votes. This is why I hate that we only see snippets of Tribal.


Survivor Sunday... come on Judd. Win this thing, you're the only decent contestant left.

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