Survivor: Redemption Island (#3)

hahaha I can't help it, I just dislike him so much... It wasn't the smartest move that tribe could have made but I'd have done the same darn thing.

Russell had to go. He just had to. Now if they other tribe could get rid of Boston Rob...

I thought the Redemption Island challenge was a little boring, but maybe I was just sorry to see Francesca go (though I do like Matt a lot and am looking forward to seeing him beat Russell in the next challenge.)

Why are there so many "seats" at the Redemption Island challenge area? What's coming that they need room for two full tribes of people to sit there? Not that I really care, TW mentioned it last night and so now I'm wondering about it.

What are you thinking - who will go next week? And will Russell hang on to live another three days?

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