Survivor: Redemption Island (Episode 1)

I'm not a fan of those "What if" moments, are you? Do you think they're going to do them all season long? Because that's going to get old really, really fast. Heh.

Also, Gah! What the heck is up with Phillip? Can the guy get any more annoying? Oh wait, yes he can - and did, at Tribal Council.

I was really sorry to see Francesca go. I liked her. I hope she kicks someone's backside on Redemption Island to stay in the game. But, I don't think that's going to happen. She's there by herself, with no shelter to start with - she's going to just end up making R.I. a better place for the person who comes along and beats her in the first face-off.

What do you think? Do you like any of these players? How do you like Boston Rob and Russell this season? Do you like the Redemption Island twist?

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