Survivor: Redemption Island (Episode 7)

Now it's getting interesting, isn't it? (Even if Boston Rob and Phillip are both in the game and I wish they'd have both gone home long, long ago.)

Does it really make sense for them to have sent Sarita home now? Two weeks ago - yes, she's the weakest (physical) link. But now, when they need loyalty as they approach a merge.... it just seems maybe not smart, considering David has never really shown a lot of loyalty. Weird.

Next week's Redemption Island dual shows both tribes watching -- so that explains why the darn arena is so big, heh. The question next week will be... can they finally get rid of Rob or are they going to go the easy way and take out Phillip? Or, if Matt doesn't win that first immunity -- will they send him home because they know if he sticks around, he's going to win it all?

What do you want to see happen next week? And what do you think WILL happen next week?

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