Survivor.... What the Heck?

Last Wednesday I was really sick so when I stopped working, I headed off to my bed where I moaned and whined about how much my entire body hurt. It wasn't until some time Thursday morning that I remembered Survivor. Dang, the only TV show I watch and I completely forgot about it!

TW read the TWoP recap and muttered lots of cryptic things about what had happened but I told her to shush so I could watch it on the CBS website and see for myself.

On Friday night (or was it Saturday? I don't know, I was still sick and out of it) we finally climbed into bed with my laptop and watched. TW kept making comments that were borderline spoiler-y so I told her to CAN IT so I could just see for myself.

OMG. I would kind of like to unsee the entire episode. I could not believe NaOnka went on the reward after telling everyone she was going to go home. I have said from day one that I didn't like her. Every week I've said it. Even when they tried to show a nicer side of NaOnka, I never found anything about her that was worth liking. I'm livid that she went home that way and I'm not thrilled by Kelly (Purple)'s departure either. But I'm thankful NaOnka is gone and I really wish CBS would decide that neither she or Kelly could be on the jury.

I think if you quit, you quit - and you have no business deciding the fate of those who stayed to play the game.

What did you think of last week's episode? What do you think will happen this week? And how the heck did I end up liking crazy Holly?

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