Susannah's {Kitchen} Aprons

Vintage. Bib. Children's. Tie up your style!

Hello! I'm Marilyn Dean (aka e-Mom) and welcome to my kitchen. Let me be your hostess and guide to some of the coolest aprons on the planet.

The inspiration for my site comes from Susannah Wesley. She's the famous homeschooling mother of ten, including John and Charles.

Susannah's reputation as a woman of prayer is legendary. Historians tell us that while cooking, she often flipped her apron over her head. Hidden beneath her cotton tent, Susannah offered spontaneous prayers to God.

Enjoy all colorful fabrics, and choose as many styles as you would like. You can give them away as gifts, or buy a couple for yourself!

Praying in my pantry,

Marilyn Dean

Hop 'til you drop! P.S. Many thanks to Robin at PENSIEVE for organizing a fabulous "virtual la-de-da" this weekend. (We'd really rather be mingling at BlogHer '09.) Don't miss the terrific giveaways she's offering at her exciting meet-and-greet event, BlogHop '09.

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