SWAK: Do You Kiss Your Kids on the Lips?


But some similarities end -- my father used to walk around in his underpants and my mother was regularly completely starkers, a pattern which -- surprisingly -- is how my husband's childhood was (I say surprisingly as I don't think I know people less inclined to show pale flesh than those two). As an adult, I would never walk around the house in my lingerie, nor would I even debate for a moment the option of sitting down and watching TV without a stitch on. It's not a romantic or sexual issue for me, it's a modesty one -- I like to be covered up. All the time. That said, I do sleep without pajamas and will go hurtling down the hallway to the twins' bedroom if they wake up from a nightmare and shout for me. I will equally have no problem sharing a changing room with them post-swimming session, and will shower them with me sometimes. My husband is the same. We don't associate nudity with shame, we just don't personally love being without clothing. We don't discourage the twins from streaking around the house, which they absolutely love to do. Each to their own and all. If "their own" is the definition, then the twins will grow up to kiss on the lips and to be as finely attired as the jaybird in their adulthood. Maybe modesty skips a generation.

I wonder how much of how we interact with our kids on this emotional closeness level has to do with how our childhoods were, what we were exposed to and what was ok/not ok. I think I'm just surprised that kissing on the lips is viewed by some a purely a couple/romantic gesture, when of course I know that is one function of it, but that for me it has other functions.

You? Ok or not ok?





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