Swear Words and Parenting ... YIKES!

As a blogger, words tend to rub me a different way. Growing up I was taught not to use swear words. I never really got a reason why I shouldn't, other than because it is bad and if I said them I would get in problems. Fast forward years later and I encounter swear words every day, All Day! In Corporate Bahamas it seems that swear words are actually a part of every day language and is a necessary part of expressing a point. Although I have not gotten "used" to it, I have found a way not to express my shock each time it is sad. I always find it funny when I am sitting in a room with individuals swearing as if its no one's business and then they look at me and apologize. Not only does it signifies a level of respect but it is also a reminder that, while everyone may be doing, I don't HAVE to.

Adaya is two years old and as she is learning so many new things, I felt a sense of gratitude because as fas as I was aware, she hadn't picked up any bad words and lucky have not been exposed to any. Yesterday, I went for a walk, along the way, we passed a group of men hanging out. Within the thirty seconds of approaching the group, at least ten swear words left the lips of the group. To my surprise, Adaya turned to me and said "mommy they said bad words". I was overjoyed with the fact that she is able to identify that what they were saying was wrong but a little frightened that she knew this, at the innocent age of two years old.

I want to raise my kid in a way where I teach her what is right from wrong but also explain the whys behind it. For me, it isn't the word used but rather the intent. A "curse word" when said is usually done with the intent to hurt, this (in my opinion) is bad. This incident provided the perfect opportunity to teach her that words can hurt others and the importance of being aware of things that are said. While I am sure most of the things I said, she did not understand, I feel that the seed has been planted, and for me that is fine for now.

What words do you need to eliminate from your vocabulary? I know I need an entire vocab revamp, because there are words that I use (not curse words) but hurtful words that need to be disposed of. Are you using words to intentionally hurt others? I always tell people, it isn't what you say but how it is said that makes the difference. This week, think about the things that you are saying to others, consider the hurt that your words may inflict. Find a easier way to express your point. 
xoxo, Anni

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