A Sweat Ceremony, Justification and BlogHer 11

Sweat Lodge

I made the plunge and bought a ticket to BlogHer11. I found so many reasons NOT to go. When it was announced that it would be in my home state of California this year, I dreamed of going. Daydreams aside, it's clearly not in this single mom's budget at all. I felt sorry for myself as I talked myself off the ledge.

Then I followed a twitter link about "Thinking like an entrepeneur". It was a blog post, and I can't tell you who it was right now. But he stressed the importance of not the cost of the convention, but of the "ROI" - Return On Investment. Now one could perceive the return to be of monetary gain, which, hey, I'll take it. But I saw it as a return on an investment in ME. 

I just exited a long term relationship and am left feeling a bit depleted. Being a single mom, I also give most of my energy, money and time to my son of course. But I want a little "somethin somethin" for me. It's something I would tell a friend to "go for it". So, I'm gonna be my own best friend. Yeah, I put it on the credit card and Dave Ramsey would not be proud of me right now, but Dave Ramsey isn't in my head.

I can't wait to get in the car and go. I'd love to fly, but that's one thing I can't justify at this point.

Recently, I participated in a Native American sweat ceremony. There are "rounds" of prayer during the ceremony.

The first round of prayer is for yourself.

The sweat leader explained that we must care for ourselves before we can care for others.

I can justify that.

San Diego here I come!!.




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