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You know those beautiful women you see running with just a light sheen of sweat and a shiny, bouncing ponytail? The ones who look serene and gorgeous as they speed by? The ones who make you want to sign up for a marathon? Well, I'm not one of them.

I sweat. No, I mean, I sweat a lot. Like a man. And I get purple in the face and I have no doubt that most people who see me running wonder if I'm going to live to see my destination (and I'm sure this makes you all want to go running with me next month in New York, doesn't it?). Also? I have chafing issues -- the angry burn on my thighs when I run a few miles with the wrong shorts is horrifying.

So, you see, I have two dilemmas when I run. The first, of course, is that I'd like to look ... presentable. I'm enough of a hot mess all on my own when I'm running, and I really don't need dumpy clothes to add to it. And second, I have to wear something that covers the largest part of my thighs without riding up. Add to this the fact that (TMI alert!) I don't like to run in a thong, but I also have issues with VPL when working out, so ... yeah. I'm a tough case.

The running skirt is an option that I really, really like. I've tried a couple out (and have plans to try more), so I thought I'd share what I'm loving (or not loving) and open the floor to you for more suggestions.

Shabby Apple has a line of fitness clothes, and their Firefly Pose Skirt ($44) is excellent. The shorts underneath cover just enough of my thighs to avoid friction, and the skirt stays in place, too. The waistband can fold up for a bit of tummy control or fold down for a lower rise. Be warned, however -- if you have curves, this is a fairly fitted option. It doesn't show the panty line or anything, but it's not loose and flowing, either. Also, it doesn't have a pocket, which was a real disappointment. As far as comfort and fit go, however, I'm digging it.

I really like the look of the Moving Comfort Seamless Skort ($46) -- it fits a little looser and comes a little lower, so it's a bit more modest (you know, in case that's important to you). And, it has a (tiny) pocket! However, the shorts creep up, so it's not my favorite for running. I do like it for dance-based fitness classes, though, where chafing isn't such an issue -- the movement of the skirt when I shake my hips is really fun!

The first place I ever saw running skirts for sale was at Skirt Sports -- I have not tried out their running skirts, but their bestselling Gym Girl Ultra ($60) is next on my list. The description says the shorties "STAY IN PLACE," and if it's in all caps, it must be true, right? Plus, it has pockets and comes in a bunch of fun colors.

Got a favorite running skirt? Please share, because if I'm not going to be the fastest (and I'm not) or the most ladylike (not a chance) on the course, I can at least try to be the best dressed. Right?

Photo courtesy of Shabby Apple.

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