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In 2010 our beautiful family picture was just a glimpse of our old carefree life.  In that picture my husband was the only one with type 1 diabetes.  By 2013 I'm the only one in our family picture that doesn't have it.  He was diagnosed 10 years ago when our 2nd baby was just a mere 6 weeks old.  I had a 2 year old at the time as well.  He'd lost 50 lbs and had gone into the Dr. finally after weeks of me nagging at him.  The Dr. said had he not come in sooner he would have had organ failure and could have died.  I was just so relieved that all he needed was insulin.  I didn't really understand  what it truly entailed.  Both of my sweet girls were in a study when they were younger and it came back with the results that they were never going to get diabetes.  I wished they hadn't been in the study and that the word 'Never' was used.  A year ago they were both diagnosed within 5 months of each other at the tender ages of 8 & 11.  Our life is as normal as anyone elses life.  We just have lots of supplies at our house to treat this 24/7 condition that all three of them live with.  They all use insulin pumps.  Our fridge is full of insulin.  Our cupboards are full of glucose tabs, juice, cgm supplies, reservoirs, you name it we have it.  On our kitchen table there are quite a few calculators at any given time.  At every meal I have everyone check their blood sugars and I calculate their carbohydrates to match the insulin with what they are going to be eating.  As anyone who has lived with diabetes knows it's not always an exact science.  You can do everything perfectly and sometimes you get bizarre results!  It's just life with diabetes.  I also keep glucagons & icing in case there are ever severe lows.  I've truly learned to Never say Never.  Life is full of surprises and we just do our best day to day.  I'm starting this blog in hopes to support others and maybe help with perspectives.  I didn't sign up for any of this but it is my life and I've learned to embrace it! 

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