The Sweet Sounds of the Callen Sisters

If you've been reading Blisschick for some time, you know how important
music is to me. I just recently got rid of a daily music link not because I wasn't interested any longer but because it was taking up too much of my time; I too easily get lost in iTunes and could lose whole entire days moving from one great find to the next.

Music is almost always playing in our house. When Marcy and I visit people who don't have music on, we feel out of sorts.

As I wrote about toward the very beginning of this blog, music -- or my soundscape -- is very much how I create or change my day.

So to find that someone commenting on this blog is herself a working musician and singer/songwriter was a little thrill, to say the least.

Callen commented on one of the posts about body image to say that it
was something she and her sister, Beth, thought about enough to write a
song about it.

I promptly looked into their music to find that they are doing something unique -- using the harp in popular composition.

For the interview, go here.


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