Happy Veteran's Day! Sweethearts Reunited When WWII Letter Arrives 69 Years Later


In the days of high-speed Internet and fast-paced everything,it’s hard to understand what it must have been like to experience WWII — either as a service member or as those friends and family members left behind to wonder.

decades late couple

I’m a military spouse. A proud Air Force wife. When my husband deploys, we speak almost daily through text messages, emails, phone calls, and the occasional letter. I usually know his location and whether or not he ate lunch that day. Though his job has often sent him into dangerous situations, I have the comfort of hearing his voice on the other line when we’re finally able to connect.

“Hey, it’s me. I got your note.”

Well, imagine getting that message 69 years late.

Or, if you’re like my grandmother and don’t believe in coincidence, imagine getting that call right on time.

Enjoy her story.

Katy in a Corner

(Katy Morgan)


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