Swept Off My Feet by A Discovery of Witches

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When Harry Potter came out, I shrugged it off for years as a kids book. I loved it.

When X-Men became the new hot thing, I thought it was just another silly mutant story. I was enthralled.

Having learned my lesson about magical stories, I knew that A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness had the potential to be my favorite new book of the summer. Within the first few pages, I was captivated and already wondering if she would be writing a series.

Magic allows us all to go back to childhood dreams of being able to fly and opens up new possibilities in our minds to the world around us. Harkness allows the reader to connect emotionally with her characters and thus the illusion is complete that we walk around every day surrounded by witches and vampires. She incorporates a fascinating amount historical references and descriptive scenery which makes the story feel as though it might just be true!

At over 500 pages this is a hefty book and though it was a workout to lift it so frequently, I couldn't put it down. This made for the perfect lazy summer weekend read, keeping me excited to find out what was coming next with the suspense, enchanted by the mystery, and of course interested in the romance.

Now if only I could be swept off my feet and flown within seconds to any place I choose... that would be a fabulous ending.


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