Swimming alone (drownings continued)

This coming Monday, I would like to conclude my 'week of drownings' with a happy ending and the story of my own son's plunge into water.  In the meantime however, I will share with all of you out there two particular cases of adults who have drowned.  We all know by now, that anybody can become a victim to a water emergency.  Toddlers, adults, non-swimmers and yes, even avid swimmers can fall prey to situations in the water, where their lives are jeopardized.  I have chosen to share some stories over others this week because of my philosophy that common sense and vigilance really can make all the difference.  In these next two stories, I will let you decide what went wrong, and what one common thread ties the two stories together, states apart!

In 2005, while entrenched in the writing of my book, Water Safe!  Water Smart! Staying alive under five and then some, a dear friend of mine lost her father.  Aki had a passion for fishing, and spent his Sunday mornings fishing off a damn in the north bay of California.  Aki was an older gentleman, probably in his late 70's, early 80's.  Anyway, there he had been fishing one morning all alone, when it dawned on his wife, that her husband should have returned by now.  Time lapsed, and he was finally found face down in the river, having been dressed in every day street clothes, meaning he had no intentions of ending up in the water.  Due to the fact that he had been alone, the family decided to have an autopsy performed to help conclude what had caused his death.  Upon their first thoughts, were that he had fallen victim to a heart attack.  The final report however, concluded that there were no signs of stroke, heart attack or any other medical reasoning, other than he had simply fallen in and drowned silently alone.

This past August in Gilbert, Arizona, a 50 year old woman was found dead in her backyard pool by her sixteen year old daughter.  Apparently the mother was swimming alone, while the daughter was visiting a neighbor.  Upon returning home and finding her mother in the pool, the daughter pulled her mother out and called 9-1-1.  The mother was found to be in full cardiac arrest, and the Emergency Medical Crew were unable to revive her.  The daughter told officials that her mother had a history of seizures.

I would love to hear your own conclusions to these two unneccessary deaths.  We must remember that everybody is an individual, with a journey through this world, and being so, no one person can ever be replaced.  Therefore, we must come together to protect those we love and cherish most.  We have such limited time with one another, and a life can be cut short in the time it takes to answer a knock at the door.

Let me know what you think about these two scenarios, and drop me an email by contacting me at watersafewatersmart.com

...and always, play it safe among our earth's playground!

-Linda Brown


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