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Happy Monday! Mondays are hard, y'all. But every Monday, you can bet on something great from Curvy Moi to help the day be just a bit better!

Now I know you're wondering how swimsuits can possibly be good, right? Never fear - I come in peace.

Size matters not when it comes to swimsuit shopping. It's an evil that spares no one. But I feel it's just a tad worse on the curvier ladies. Once you get past, say a size 14, you're destined for large floral prints and swim dresses.

I'm 30 years old and quite frankly, I'm not ready to settle into the large floral print swim dress just because I don't fit into the regular block of "misses" sizing. My body is all kinds of disproportionate. I've got some massive breasts and wide hips. I don't like my belly or my thighs. Sound familiar?

Don't lose heart, there's hope for us all! Let this summer be the year that you WORK YOUR STUFF! I'm happy to share with you a few really awesome companies that are breaking into the trendy swimsuit business for ALL shapes! Holla!

Let's start with Swimsuits for All. I first read about this company from Nicolette Mason's blog. I was shocked to see that they offer sizes up to 34! And maybe one day I'll branch out into one of their high waisted bikinis! I love that they have suits that appeal to all shapes, sizes, tastes, and ages.






I'm also kind of adoring this set HERE on Monif C. 1.) it's got some support for the girls and 2.) can I please have her flowing hair to go along with it?

Lane Bryant also has some great options for tops that have a little flow, so you don't walk around feeling like a sausage. Sometimes that's how I feel in swimsuits....like a sausage in a super tight casing!

Bottom line ladies - there are tons of options out there. Don't get discouraged! And yes, we may have to pay more than $20, but it's an investment in our summer comfort and confidence.

Ultimately, you have to find a swimsuit that A) makes you feel comfortable and B) brings attention to your best parts.

So something with an awesome neckline will draw attention to your chest, not your stomach. Crazy large prints only make you a moving target - avoid them. Rouging in the stomach area gives the illusion of a smaller stomach - go for it! If you have large breasts, get a suit that supports them. No one wants to see saggy boobies! Pull those puppies up! It'll make you look 10 pounds lighter.

Now...let's chat about the swim dress. These can be cute - if you're planning NOT to swim. I find that when I get in the water, the dress part flies up in the water, and then I'm just like a mushroom floating by. It's not cute...and draws attention. So this year I found a one piece that had a little length at the bottom that covered the tops of my thighs (the part I hate most) but was attached so it didn't move when I was in the water. It was perfect! And I felt confident in it.

Lastly, coverups. Sometimes as a curvy girl, it's easy to get all self conscious and want to cover everything up. Let's talk about a couple things....

1. Some coverups make you look larger, thus creating the opposite result of what you were going for. An empire waist is NOT the answer - it will make you look pregnant. Let's not add insult to injury here. I say this because I did this last year. Thought I was all cute in my cover up until I got that glimpse in the window on the walk back....um, why didn't someone tell me no!? So make sure whichever cover up you use is actually helping you!


2. In all reality, is it making a difference? Embrace YOU! Trying to cover every last bit of you up really isn't changing anything but your sanity. Try branching out this summer. Confidence is key - if you feel confident, you can totally rock just about anything!

And lastly, maybe take a shot of vodka before going shopping. I've heard it's a great help.

Where are your favorite swimsuit shops?

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