Swimwear Struggles.

NaBloPoMo - Day Twelve: Swimwear dilemmas.


We have decided that this coming weekend we are going to take the little man swimming for the first time. Seems like a great idea except for the fact that I have to find swimwear. Bleurgh!

Since I'm in Scotland and it's coming up to winter there are no shops that have an array of swimming costumes on display for me to try on. Next step is to just head online. This is hard since I have huge 32FF knockers and am almost 6ft!! I'm in struggle town over here.

It needs to have length so it doesn't stretch up my arse and look like a mankini from behind, and it has to have a decent amount of support up top so that we have no indecent exposure at the pool.

Mankini!! Photo Credit: Here


I looked and looked and have decided to order from NEXT, and will their fabulous home delivery scheme I ordered it today, it will be here tomorrow and if I don't like it they will be back to pick it up and return it and I don't have  to pay anything until the end of the month and if I don't take anything then I pay nothing, a little dangerous seeing as it could become a very easy shopping habit but at the moment I have no other choice.

It is also the first time since I was about 11 years old that I've bought a one-piece swimming costume, however seeing as I'm only 5 months post baby I don't really feel like I have the confidence to rock a bikini and I really don't think the other pool goers will want to see that! However I will pay myself a compliment here and make a note that I do weigh less than pre-pregnancy  it's just that my body isn't quite as toned as it once was.

Don't worry husband, I won't let it get this bad.
Photo Credit: Here


Maybe I'll be able to get from the side of the pool and into the water so fast that no one will pay any attention to me?!? That is unless I slip and fall in the pool (may very well happen, it's in my genes *cough cough thanks mum*).


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