Switching from Palm Treo to Droid ROX!!

...I’d seen the iPhone and even won one in a drawing at a technology tradeshow. I admit they are sleek and beautiful with a dreamy UI, definitely worth coveting. But the exclusive relationship that Apple and AT&T have over the iPhone is a DETERRENT to smart consumers like me who have spent years hopping around different wireless providers and are perfectly happy to stay with Verizon Wireless. I vowed to buy an iPhone as soon as they made them available on the Verizon network. I sold the iPhone I’d won, unopened, on eBay and waited. Then along came the Droid…

Beautiful, sleek, sexy – it just screams, “touch me”. It’s the answer to the iPhone for the rest of us. I was sold. I eagerly put in my order for a Droid mobile phone, tremulously anticipating its arrival....

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