Swoop and Skimlinks: Help Us Learn Best Practices to Earn Revenue for Bloggers!

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At BlogHer, we are forever focused on your success as a blogger—whether those achievements for you are about finding a passionate, engaged audience for your writing or recipes, or about creating new ways to derive income from your work and your influence. Or both! We never want to put boundaries on your goals. In fact, we want always to expand them.

To that end, we are launching some new commerce-based interfaces on BlogHer.com as a pilot program. We have formed partnerships with two innovative companies who are on the cutting edge of creating automatic revenue opportunities for bloggers that do not detract from the editorial experience we all value so much and work so hard to curate, create, and share. Those companies are Swoop and Skimlinks.

Now, a bit more about these products: Swoop will be running primarily on recipe content on BlogHer.com, showing up as a button to click to interact with related, sponsored content on some posts.

Swoop button

Click the button and up will pop good, informational content, such as free e-cookbooks, health and nutrition research, coupons and special offers. How's that for handy?

Swoop popup

Check out this (delicious) post with a Swoop button now. (Mmmm, maple-bourbon apple butter!)

And Skimlinks -- which many of you may already know, since they've been at this for more than two years -- shows up as a simple hyperlink to the products that bloggers are already talking about in our posts. One click, and you're face-to-face and ready to shop for a product you’ve been reading about. We’ve implemented these links on some posts in the Style section of BlogHer.com.

Skimlinks links

You can always tell the Skimlinks link by the rollover text that clearly identifies them. Take a look at this BlogHer.com post featuring Skimlinks to see how it works.

In the coming weeks, we will be learning, along with Swoop and Skimlinks, where and how these features work best and generate both the least disruption and the best conversion. Then BlogHer will detail what we've learned in a later post, to continue to share with you what we learn and our recommendations on how YOU can consider using them to help monetize your blog.

Please let us know what you think of each one! Likes, dislikes, don't cares: All of it helps us understand where to drive the future of blogging. We count on you to help us help you—and we can't wait to hear what you think.


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