Symbol of the Week: The all-seeing eye

For this week’s Symbol of the Week, I decided to go more topical with the All-Seeing Eye.

It usually has three components: the eye, the rays of lights, and the triangle - each symbolic in its own right.

The All-Seeing Eye’s origins are not clearly known, though many cite ancient Egyptian culture as responsible for the symbol.

In recent years, the All-Seeing Eye has sparked controversy over a number of conspiracy theories associated with it.

For some, it is a sign of Freemasonry allegiance and power. As it appears on the U.S. Dollar Bill, many interpret this as indicative of the strong influence Freemasons have over the workings of the American government.

Celebrities are more and more becoming the target of conspiracy, particularly Illuminati, allegations. Some conspiracy theory favorites include Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. As they often appear to replicate symbols and gestures, such as the triangle and the All-Seeing Eye, they are associated with this secret society and assumed to somehow be involved in their plan for a New World Order.

It is seen not uncommon to see it on international flags and currencies, indicating its widespread use. As it is used to represent a number of different ideas or concepts, the symbol’s definition is not certain nor static. Like all other signs and symbols, it too is subject to transformation and will evolve as society finds new uses for it.

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