Symptoms of adult ADHD

CNN has an interesting article about adult ADHD here:,,20490145,00.html?hpt=he_bn6

Did you know 4% of adults have ADHD? And that's just the people who have been diagnosed! 

Here are some interesting (but sad) stats about adults with ADHD:

• lower income

• higher rates of accidents

• higher rate of unplanned pregnancies

• higher rate of substance abuse


Here are some of the most common symptoms/associations of ADHD in adults:

• restlessness

• you have a child with ADHD (ADHD is believed to be genetic)

• relationship troubles

• smoking

• academic problems when younger

• procrastination

• risk-taking

• misplacing things

• workplace problems (like focusing)

• quick to anger

• incompletion of tasks

• impulsive

• trouble relaxing

• easily distracted

• disorganized

So what help is there besides going on a stimulant medication? 

Actually, we now know the brain can change at any age. It's called plasticity. Even people who are 90 can change their brain by strengthening their cognitive skills (like memory, attention, processing speed, etc.)

Your best bet is to get a brain skills evaluation at a brain training center. A legit brain training center will measure specific cognitive skills and tell you which are weakest. The case of ADHD, attention is usually the weakest skill but other brain skills may also suffer. (FYI, there are 3 types of attention and 3 types of memory.) The center will design a program that's tailored to your needs and designate a personal brain trainer to work one on one with you to strengthen your skills. Always ask for references and testimonials!

Here's a free online brain skills test for adult ADHD:

It'll at least give you a starting point!