Synchronized Sleepers

I've been lying beside this guy for almost 19 years and as I rolled over last night, and he rolled too so we were still snug as two bugs in a rug, I thought, "Like a well oiled machine."


Like two synchronized sleepers, whose turns and leg lifts and pillow flips are in perfect timing. 


Even in his sleep, my husband knows I do not want to be face to face due to my desire to breath air that hasn't directly come out of any one's lungs.  Even in his sleep, he knows me and rolls to accommodate me.


I woke up enough to give him a pat on his arm, which he correctly interpreted to mean, "I love you," and he sleepily murmured, "Love you too."


We are in tune to each other, even when we are dead to the world asleep.  It's not magic.  It's the power of spooning!



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