T-shirt to Tank Top Refashion

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Today, I'm taking an old shirt and turning it into an adorable summer tank top!





1 shirt - one size larger than you normally wear if you plan to add the elastic. Find a shirt with an interesting detail (this one had lace on the back)

thin elastic - one half  the length of under your bust

sewing machine





Start off by cutting the sleeves off the shirt. Don't do this haphazardly; cut through the serged seam to remove the sleeve.




Put the shirt on inside out and pin each of the straps to shorten the shirt. This preserves the original hem, which saves time! While the shirt is inside out, mark how wide you want the straps to be. If you are making this out of jersey, don't worry about adding material for hemming. If you are using any other material, add an extra inch for a quarter inch hem.




Before you cut your straps, sew the top to the wanted length. Sew UNDERNEATH the pins in a long straight stich and then try it on. Make sure it fits fine, then go over the stiching in the standard length stich for your machine. Finish the straps by cutting off the extra material.



Starting at the original seam, follow the line you drew to make the bust smaller. After sewing this, move an inch inside from the END POINT of where you just finished. At a 45 degree angle, sew straight until you reach your new seam. Doing this creates a smaller arm hole and covers the side of your *ahem* undergarments.




If you like how the tank top looks right now, leave it. If not, it's time for elastic! Put the shirt on inside out and draw a line underneath the bust, starting at each side seam. Anchor the elastic in the seam allowance on the side of the shirt on top of the line you drew.




Set your machine to a long stich and start at the anchored point near the end of your elastic. Start sewing down the elastic, streaching it out as you sew. REMEMBER: use a color thread that matches you shirt. If you don't, you will have an ugly, non-matching line going across the front of theshirt. Once you finish sewing, try on the shirt and THEN cut off the extra elastic.




Cut off all the strings that may be hanging at the end of the seam, flip your shirt right side out, and voilà! You just made a super cute tank top! Enjoy:)












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