T2B's Father's Day Gift Ideas

It’s time to show your main guy how special he is and how much you appreciate all that he does for your kids, your family financially and to help around the house.  Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower him with gifts, kisses and…a little more! 


Before we list a few great gift ideas that you can buy for your man, let’s go over how you can give your guy the ultimate present…You!  Get inspired by some of the romance books out there and purchase some new lingerie and even some naughty toys that the two of you can enjoy together.  Try something new in the bedroom and he will not only love Father’s Day but it may ignite a fire in your love life that lasts well beyond the one day of celebrating.Handcuffs

Our Top Gift Ideas For Your Man

  1.  Kindle Fire:  If he enjoys reading this is a great option.  The Fire not only lets him download his favorite books for a fraction of the cost to buy them in hard copy, it also has email and internet so he can browse the web.
  2. Cologne:  Select a nice, light scent for the summer that turns you on.  He will like the effects ti has on you when he wears it.
  3. Overnight Stay at a renowned Golf Resort:  Is your guy into golfing?  Book the two of you an overnight stay at a renowned golf course.  Book him a day of golfing and a day of spa treatments for you.  Make a reservation for a nice dinner, relax and enjoy each other.Gold Resort
  4. A Giftcard:  How about something from Harley Davidson, Bose, Home Depot, a Sporting Store or anything that will encourage him to have fun with his hobbies.  This shows you are supportive and want him to have fun when he is not working.
  5. Car Detailing:  Does he LOVE his car?  Set up a time for a company to detail his car while he is at work.  There are companies that will come to your home or place of business.
  6. Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert:  Whatever his pleasure is, have him block off a specific night, get a sitter and take him out for dinner and the event.  This will show him you care about his interests and it is something you can do together so it is a win win. Camden Yards
  7. A Lacoste Shirt: Why not splurge on a nice polo that will look good as well as last a long time.  Select a nice summertime blue or a deep green that brings out his eyes.  He will look great!
  8. To Be Left Alone:  We are constantly asking our guys to do work around the house, help with the kids and basically do whatever it is we need help with.  Give him a day or an afternoon where you and the kids leave the house so he can be home alone and chill out.  Who wouldn’t want a few hours alone at home to relax?  This is a very thoughtful gift and hey it doesn’t cost you any money.
  9. Sunglasses:  A great pair of sunglasses can really make a guy look hot and feel stylish.  Let’s face it, women know what looks good and can easily select a trendy and masculine pair of sunglasses to enhance their favorite man’s overall appearance.Sunglasses - men
  10. A subscription to Amazon Prime:  If your guy likes to online shop then this is a great gift.  The subscription is only $75.00 and he will save in shipping all year long. 

We hope that our list inspired some great gift ideas for your special guy and that everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day.

~ T2B

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