T2B's Favorite Quest Bar

We are always looking for an effective and yummy way to add protein to our diets.  Protein is key to helping you lose weight and have/maintain a lean body.  Of course you should eat a lot of low fat meats, fish, eggs, etc. but sometimes you are on the go and need a quick dose of protein to keep you on your fitness course.  There are so many “protein” bars out there that it is hard to know what is best for your health.  We have tried many and read a lot of labels and we have come to the conclusion that theQuest Bar brand is the best for you and best tasting.  It is high in protein and low in non fiber carbs as well as low in sugar. 



Quest Guy

Quest BarWe usually eat our bars an hour or two after lunchtime around 2-3pm with a cup of coffee.  This afternoon snack helps to keep us from eating too much at dinnertime and it tastes like a real treat.  We love the white chocolate raspberry flavor and the cookie dough.  Try it and let us know your favorite flavor!

~ T2B

Feature image retrieved from www.muscleandperformancemag.com

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