Taco Bell Saved My Day

Feeling more than peckish with a food head ache coming on and being in a pitifully very bad mood my usual hunger choice of Chinese food was not on my mind to tame my hunger or choice of cravings. My first peckish spot the Walgreens, I picked up their store brand oatmeal cookies for my dessert which are so delish, half the pack is gone already. The day was Sunday May 12, 2013 and the next choice on my tumgry hungry list was McDonald's and their double cheeseburger for a dime savings of $0.89. My hunger pains was not satisfied just yet on my takeout list. No I'm not pregnant. Lucky for me there is a cluster of fast food joints that bank on the corner of my neighborhood if I were pregnant. Its like a mini fast food frenzy, I might want a little bit of this or just a big taste of that. I just hate for my stomach to talk back to me grumble, grumble.


Finally heading back home my last stop was the the first item on my gotta have it list Taco Bell's Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, not only did theTaco Bell associate serve me with a smile, he was extremely polite, up beat attitude, made complete eye contact, and he aslo asked me how my day was going?. I wanted to crack a smile and I kicked myself later because I didn't because of my foul mood and should have. The young man was a perfect gentleman had we been out on a date. I really felt that this associate went out of his way in his real character to make me feel like I had his undivided attention. I felt like a Princess in a fast food line. I was served and then left, then came right back in to get a chicken burrito that was good, too. I was a repeat customer within the span of one minute. The time was 10:04:16pm to be exact order number 247176. I literally walked away with a smile on my face, in a good mood, high spirited, and a pep in my step. Another lucky thing that it was night and you know when the freaks come out so I just fit right in walking home with my face looking like sunshine all the way home. Taco Bell thank you for a wonderful night and a great associate and great customer service. Yeah I know I need a man until then Taco Bell will do and even then I will still want some Taco Bell. Laugh out loud moment.

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