One fine day not so long ago, our beloved youngest daughter was standing next to her daddy looking at some baby pictures while he fixed some issue or other on my computer. Spock then mentioned, casually yet in a matter of fact voice, “Babies don’t have legs.” Sweet Babou said, “What?!?” Spock gave him a look indicating that he was either unintelligent, deaf, or both. She repeated herself, even more clearly and a little slower for her idiot parent, “Babies. Don’t. Have. Legs.”

She did not appreciate Sweet Babou’s resultant mirth.

It turns out that in every single picture of a baby below the age of 9 months that I’ve got in my house, the infant is either swaddled into a peapod shape or shown only above the waist. Spock, having learned about the tadpole –> frog transformation from the Wild Kratts, made the logical assumption that human babies did the same thing. After all, when wrapped in a blanket a newborn does have that tapered tadpole look. Spock only sees legs on older babies. QED, babies are born without legs and grew them over a span of a few months. Like a frog.

It’s really well reasoned and logical, when you look at the facts at her disposal.

She was skeptical that we were telling her the truth of the matter until we showed her newborn pictures with legs. She wanted some real evidence before she would commit to a worldview alteration. She didn’t want our anecdotal baloney. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

That’s my Spock.

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