TaintFace, the Flip-Flop Twatwaffle

Gozer has high-functioning ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome). I called it. Now she can get early intervention, by her grandparents if no one else. My parents are now 110% convinced, thanks in no small part from my Mother’s revulsion for TaintFace’s shenanigans. Mom was less convinced than Dad, until TaintFace went on her psychotic break from reality bi-polar tirade, but after hearing the stupid and selfish assertions in TaintFace’s shrieks my Mother wanted no part of Team Denial.  

As y’all probably remember, TaintFace called me late Tuesday evening to vomit her paranoid schizophrenia-like accusations all over me. She howled, like the demon-spawn she is, that she was coming to get Gozer right then.

Well, on Wednesday (shortly after I blogged) my BabyBro called Dad (not me) to say that Gozer could stay this coming week as originally planned. No explanation of TaintFace’s behavior; no explanation for why plans have changed back; no apology for her insults. BabyBro then called the psychologist to tell her they wanted to finish the testing (which my parents are paying for) but that she wasn’t allowed to give my parents or myself any written report, only verbal.

Okay … my parents and I can be trusted to care for Gozer, to spend all that time in a doctor’s office finding out what to do for her, and to pay for it, but we are not worthy of a written report? Because why? WTF does he (or more to the point the asshat he married, since the therapist said he seemed motivated to placate TaintFace) think we would do with the report?

Mom suspects that TaintFace wants to be able to deny Gozer is Aspy’s until it is “her” idea, in which case it will have been her idea and diagnoses originally. TaintFace is the kind of person who thinks reality alters at her will, and if there are no records then no one can remember what really happened. It is her idea of “cunning”.  It is very, VERY important to TaintFace that I have been “wrong” about Gozer now that she called to squall at me in a fit of paranoid, delusional rage.

The icing on the hubris cake my BabyBro has baked for me is that he told Dad (not me) that they would be okay with Gozer’s older brother staying here an extra week and getting tested as well, if he wanted to stay. I was pissed, but of course I asked my nephew if he wanted to stay. He decided to return with my parents today, because he was afraid he would get to homesick – which is what he had said before he even came up. He’s close to BabyBro (his step dad) and TaintFace is nicer to him than she is to Gozer (he’s a boy and thus no competition for the affection of her husband in her sick little mind) so it is understandable he would miss home.

I am trying to be Zen, and God knows I am glad Gozer can stay next week as planned, but I am PISSED. The thing that burns my ass like I sat on a fire-ant mound is that when TaintFace pretends this never happened (which is the most likely outcome; the thunder douche will never apologize) I will be forced to be complicit with her bullshit at family because I love my niece. TaintFace will cheerfully use Gozer to “punish” me, and I don’t want Gozer to suffer any more than she already does from having that hyena scrotum boil for a mother.

I am being emotionally blackmailed with my love for Gozer to prevent me from ripping TaintFace’s head off and shitting down the hole.

Golly, that makes me all kinds of happy.

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